What is Title Insurance?
Simply put, Title Insurance is a way to protect your investment from financial loss.  The investment you make on real estate can be one of the biggest purchases you make. Title insurance can provide comfort.

What is the process?
Once your order is received from you, your realtor, attorney, and/or your lender a title search is done (in the County Register of Deeds office and District County). The search could reveal if there are any liens, easements, or any other unforeseen situation that could affect the insurability or title of your real estate.  Once the search is performed a title commitment is submitted with any exceptions, liens, easements, or anything else that needs "cleaned up" to issue insurance.  Closing is scheduled once all parties are ready (lenders, sellers, buyers, realtor). Once closing has taken place, another search is done to make sure all requirements are met to issue final policies (Owner's &/or Lender's).  This process can take less then 2 weeks or as much as several months. 

Undiscovered Risks...
Reason why you want to protect your investment with title insurance.
Even the most educated, trained title professional can miss some issues. Some of the problems could be more difficult to find due to filing errors, undisclosed heirs, or even fraudulent documents, to name a few.  

What is an Owner's Policy?
Owner's Policy is optional for purchase and recommended to protect your real estate. This policy lists any exceptions on the real estate and the legal for the property.  This policy lasts as long the purchaser or purchaser heirs own the property.

What is a Loan Policy?
When you require a mortgage/loan to purchase your real estate, your lender will require a Lender's Policy. The Lender's Policy is similar to an Owner's Policy, only it insures the lenders up to the amount of the loan and lasts the life of the loan. 

What is the cost for Title Insurance?
The cost has many variables. Please contact our office for specific charges.

Is there a cost when there's a cancelation in the process?
Short answer, could be. 
Why? Hours go into the search and preparation of any new transaction and any bank fees for wire in of escrow/down payment money. If a cancelation fee is requested once the transaction is under a new contract it could be credited back (minus any bank fees). In some cases this fee maybe waived. 

What Counties do we service/search?

Cloud and Republic County are the main service areas but we also can service Clay, Jewell, Mitchell, Ottawa, and Washington. If another county is needed we can contact our underwriter for approval or recommend another title company in that local area

Is there a question that we did not answer? 
Head on over to the "Contact us" form and send us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!